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Homepage slideshow - George Cates VC.

To mark 100 years since Wimbledonian, George Cates, performed an act of valour that resulted in a posthumous Victoria Cross, we have changed our homepage slideshow to show contemporary scenes from his life. These include:

Hartfield Road where George was born in 1892.

Rutlish School, Merton Park, where he was educated.

Alexandra Road, Springfield Road and Kenilworth Avenue, where he lived with his parents and siblings. The family moved house several times to accommodate the growing number of children.

An image of a Tank Week event on Wimbledon Broadway - featuring local scouts. George was a dedicated assistant scoutmaster before joining the army.

Worple Road - then the site of the local YMCA,of which George was a keen supporter.

Wimbledon War Memorial - which honours local casualties of the the First World War. On 8 March 2017, this was the site of a commemorative event, honouring the memory of George Cates VC.

We hope you enjoy looking at the slides. You can find more information about George on George Cates VC on the Carved in Stone website.

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