Part of a Norman arch discovered at Merton

Part of a Norman arch discovered at Merton

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Date Photo Taken 12th June 1914
Area Merton
Copyright 1 G.C. Druce
Picture Reference Mermor_​Houses_​Buildings_​Priory_​17-19a
Original Format Photo
Photographer / Origin of Photo G.C. Druce
Notes / History A Norman archway - a remaining portion of Merton Priory

This twelfth century Norman archway was found during the demolition of Abbey House in 1914 on the site of Merton Priory, which is approximately a mile east of St Mary’s. The archway was found incorporated in to the front door case of the house and is believed to have been the entrance to the guest house of the Priory,

The archway was rebuilt at St Mary the Virgin Church between the church and the vicarage in 1935.

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