Merton Place: Thomas Chawnor's plan for the Ground floor

Merton Place: Thomas Chawnor's plan for the Ground floor

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1805
Area Merton
Picture Reference MerMor_​Houses_​Buildings_​Merton_​Place_​16-3
Original Format Drawing
Notes / History Merton Place.
Initially the house was described as a one-wing property, with an annexe. It had a rather cramped ground floor hall, kitchen and dining room, with a drawing room and library on one side. Upstairs there were eight bedrooms, with rather limited toilet and washing facilitates.
Following the dead of her husband and Nelson’s recall to the fleet in May 1805, Lady Hamilton devoted her energies to redeveloping the property. Assisted by architect Thomas Chawner she altered the layout of Merton Place, turning into a fine double-fronted house, with a grand entrance. A new drawing room was installed in addition to bedrooms water-closets and kitchen annexe. The dining room was enlarged and an external walkway was created, leading to a white summer-house christened the Poop,” designed so Nelson “might feel himself on his own quarter deck.”

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