Pincott Road, Merton: Interior prior to Demolition

Pincott Road, Merton: Interior prior to Demolition

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1961
Area Merton
Copyright 1 Cooke
Picture Reference MerMor_​13_​4-6
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Kitchen Interior, Pincott Road.

This picture was taken prior to demolition of the Victorian terraces, which made way for the development of the High Path Estate. Slum clearance schemes were widespread during the post-war era, prior to that many people suffered the ill-effects of living in cold, dark and damp housing with outside toilets, cold water supply and washing facilities limited to a tin bath in front of a coal fire.

During the first half of the 20th Century, there were no such things as wall sockets. Electrical supplies could only be connected to certain parts of the house, and it was common to power household devices such as irons and kettles, by plugging them into a ceiling fixture.

Notice the old coin operated gas meter, which provided the fuel of rthe kitchen range.

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