Old gateway leading to Abbey House

Old gateway leading to Abbey House

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Date Photo Taken 12th July 1913
Area Merton Park
Copyright 1 Museum of Wimbledon
Picture Reference MerMor_​Houses_​Buildings_​A_​C_​1-4
Original Format Photo
Photographer / Origin of Photo H.C. Archer
Notes / History The old gateway was all that survived of the 12th Century Merton Priory, founded by Augustinian Canons in 1117. The monastery is where Henry VI was crowned in 1437, and where Thomas a Becket was educated. After the dissolution of the monasteries in 1538, the stone from the priory was sold off, the majority being used to build Nonsuch Palace in Cheam.

The Gateway was situated on the southern side of Station Road, and remained a curiosity for some time, but was eventually demolished in 1987. An imitation, built as a reminder, now stands opposite merton Abbey Mills, on the other side of Merantun Way.

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