Durham House, Mitcham

Durham House, Mitcham

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Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Buildings_​9-3
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Notes / History Durham House, Upper Green, Mitcham, was built in 1722 for Elizabeth Arnold. One of the first tenants was Lady Mary Doliffe, a former resident of Eagle House, Mitcham. Her late husband, Sir James Dolliffe, was a London merchant and founding member of the South Seas Company formed in 1711. The company traded in slaves, spices and exotic products with the Spanish Colonies. Doliffe amassed a huge personal fortune from the successful company and in 1714 was knighted and awarded his own coat of arms.

Subsequent residents of Durham House included Lieutenant General Giles Stibbert, Daniel Garroway in 1808 and, between 1841 to 1849, by Abel Garraway.

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