Waterfall House, Tooting High Street, Colliers Wood

Waterfall House, Tooting High Street, Colliers Wood

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1905
Area Colliers Wood
Picture Reference Mit_​Buildings_​43-1
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Waterfall House was erected around 1800 and was the first building that travellers encountered by south-bound travellers on the turnpike from Tooting. Reference can be found to a carriage-drive leading up to the house. The grounds to the house included paddocks and a large orchard and also a small waterfall on the River Graveney. The waterfall must have inspired the naming of the house. Within the garden of the house the river took a sharp left-hand turn and eventually after leaving the grounds flowed along the Merton Road. The arrival of the south coast railway and construction of the railway line from 1867 resulted in the loss of a significant tract of land in the grounds.

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