Mitcham Grove, Mitcham: Seat of Henry Hoare Esq

Mitcham Grove, Mitcham: Seat of Henry Hoare Esq

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Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Buildings_​26-1
Original Format Engraving
Notes / History A sizeable house has existed on this site since the Medieval Period. In the Tudor age Thomas Smythe, a prominent official in the court of Elizabeth 1, owned the house and estate and his descendants retained ownership during the first quarter of the Georgian Period.

Mitcham Grove was owned by Baron Clive of India in the 18th century. He had helped gain control of large parts of India for the East India Company which generated significant wealth for its Directors. There was polital argument regarding the English Government's entitlement to financial benefit . In recognition of Alexander Wedderburn's significiant support it appears that Clive gave Mitcham Grove to Wedderburn around 1773. Wedderburn later became Lord Chancellor. On his death in 1804, he was buried in St. Pauls Cathedral.

In 1774 Robert Adam was drawing up plans to turn the existing house into an elegantly proportioned and fashionable mansion. Henry Hoare, a banker working in his family's banking company, purchased Mitcham Grove in 1786. He was an active member and benefactor within the local community for over 40 years until his death in 1828.

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