Merton Place, former home of Lord Nelson.

Merton Place, former home of Lord Nelson.

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Area Merton
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Notes / History Merton Place estate retained by Lady Hamilton, in accordance with the terms of Lord Nelson's will. In addition to the house and land, Nelson Bequeathed: "To Lady diamond star as a token of frienship and regard...all the household furniture, implements of household, wines, plate, china, linen pictures and prints which shall be in and around my house at Merton...[together with] all the hay belonging to me at Merton and in the Wimbledon parish."
Emma was also provided with £500 per annum and a £2000 lumpsum. After some time she began to use the Merton estate as collateral for loans, totalling £1000 per year between 1806 and 1808. This practice resulted in massive debts. The Admiral's brother and executor, William Earl Nelson sald part of the Wimbledon estate, known as "East Lords Lease".

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