Morden Sewage Works: Opening of Biofloculation Plant

Morden Sewage Works: Opening of Biofloculation Plant

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Date Photo Taken 22nd October 1952
Area Morden
Copyright 1 Croydon Times
Picture Reference MerMor_​Events_​F_​R_​48-3
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Another breakthrough in the provision of clean water was the installation of a bioflocculation plant at Morden Sewage Works in 1952. We take it for granted that we can turn the tap and pour a glass of clean water. However for centuries local people would have had limited access to a healthy drinking supply, indeed most would have drunk wine and ale more regularly as it was less likely to be polluted. Sewage treatment works such as this one at Morden, made it possible to separate water and effluent using special tanks, filters and chemicals, in order to prevent contamination.

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