Canon Wilson's Anniversary.

Canon Wilson's Anniversary.

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Date Photo Taken 17th July 1909
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 J Russell & Sons
Picture Reference Mit_​Org_​Events_​9-2
Original Format Photo
Notes / History On 19 July 1909, Canon D.F. Wilson celebrated 50 years as vicar of Mitcham. To mark the occasion, a special celebration was held at Hall Place, the Church Road home of Sir Cato Worsfold. This was attended by many of the leading members of Mitcham society. Pictured here are ( back row from left to right): Mr. A.E. Cubison , Mr R.M. Chart (clerk to Mitcham Parish Council), Sir Cato Worsfold, Mr J.D. Drewitt, Mr Farewell Jones, Mr G.J. Dale, Mr. Charles Lack and Mr. John R. Chart. Included in the front row are: Miss E. Bartley, Canon Wilson, Mrs. Wilson (holding a bouquet of flowers), and Mrs Weston. The gentleman seated on the ground is thought to be Alfred Mizen, whose family ran a successful market garden in the Eastfields area.

To mark his jubilee, Canon Wilson was made Honorary Canon of Southwark Cathedral. He was also presented with several gifts, including the fine church-shaped clock, shown in the background to this photo. Specially engraved, this was presented by Robert Masters Chart.

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