Collingsby Caricatures of ten eminent Mitcham residents

Collingsby Caricatures of ten eminent Mitcham residents

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Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 London Borough of Merton
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Notes / History Poesy; Samuel Bateman who was the village poet.
Laity; William Harwood, the school’s officer.
Activity; George Bennet. George Bennet was the local postman and was born in 1851. He also kept a stationery, tobacco, and confectionary shop at Fair Green. Bennet also caned chairs, took an interest in photography, and repaired bicycles. After his retirement from the postal service, he became a beekeeper.
Toil; Billy Ramsey, a gardener.
Figs; Storell was a country grocer who owned a small shop that faced Lower Green West, on the site of Wotton Cottage.
Larnin; Dr William Smith of Mitcham Lodge College.
Grace; Mr McLachlan. He lived in Chestnut Cottage, facing Cricket Green. His wife performed on the piano and taught music.
Humility; A scripture reader, known locally as ‘Holy Joe’.
Cupid; Samuel Love. He owned a famous talking cockatoo.
Mug; the artist Collingsby. He specialised in ‘life-size’ drawings created with crayons.

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