Robert Masters Chart JP Charter Mayor

Robert Masters Chart JP Charter Mayor

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1934
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​People_​32-1
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Notes / History Robert Chart was the first Mayor of Mitcham and the son of Edwin Chart, who had been vestry clerk and surveyor at Mitcham. He held an apprenticeship in his father's business and eventually succeeded him.

His grandfather built the old Parish church and the vestry clerkship of Mitcham had been held by a Chart since 1760. It remained in the family until the office was abolished in 1925.

Mr Chart was born in what was known as Chart's House, Commonside East. He married Florence Robinson on January 21, 1873.

Four of their seven sons fought in the First World War, one being killed and another permanently injured. A third son, Colonel Stephen Chart DSO, became clerk to the Mitcham Urban District Council.

Mr Chart held a number of offices in Mitcham during his lifetime.

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