Lower Mitcham - Samson's

Lower Mitcham - Samson's

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1868
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Streets_​Lov_​Low_​40-2
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Notes / History You can just make out the sign Samson's on the wall. Looking back through the Kelly's directories for the period 1868-1878 Philip Samson is listed as Job and Post master. For many years Philip was a stage coach driver on the road between Colchester and London, having acquired the Mitcham omnibus business from the Holdens, who had been running reqular horse buses to and from the City and West End since the late 18th century, Philip Samson maintained the service until the end of the Victorian era. One of his sons Walter, drove the buses, whilst another named Frederick (born in 1849) worked with various veterinary practices before purchasing that of Thomas Jennings of Mitcham in about 1876. He is listed as a vetrerinary Surgeon in the Kelly's directories from 1876 for many years.

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