Dr.Frank Deas in the laboratory at Nelson Hospital

Dr.Frank Deas in the laboratory at Nelson Hospital

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1944
Area Merton Park
Picture Reference MerMor_​30_​5-11
Original Format Photo
Notes / History The photograph show Dr Frank Deas in a laboratory. The photograph was used in pamphlet during World War Two, and the purpose was to appeal for money in order to expand and further develop Nelson Hospital.
Dr Frank Deas was born in 1869 at ‘Willow Lodge’ on Hartfield Road. He worked at the Liverpool Hospital for two years, after becoming fully qualified, before returning to Merton in 1897. Dr Deas convinced others that a hospital was a matter of urgency for the south. He was also the Hon. Secretary of the Wimbledon and District Medical Society. The Nelson Hospital (where this photograph was taken) was opened in 1912.
Dr Deas died in 1946 and due to his persistent want to expand the hospital, and his success at doing so, he was referred to as one of ‘Merton’s great sons’.

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