Wandle from Phipps Bridge

Wandle from Phipps Bridge

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1912
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 E. Passmore Olney
Picture Reference Mit_​Rivers_​Waterways_​1-17
Original Format Photo
Notes / History This photo of pasture between two strips of water shows the view from Phipps Bridge looking upstream.

Here the Wandle divides into two. The water on the right is probably the original course of the river; that on the left is Rucker’s Cut, a channel cut in 1769 by one John Rucker to improve the supply of water to his land.

Rucker was a wealthy London merchant who made the cut to service his calico factory. When he applied to the local vestry for permission to make the cut he was required to build a bridge that straddled both the cut and the river.

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