Competitors at the National Rifle Association Championships

Competitors at the National Rifle Association Championships

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1889
Area Wimbledon Village
Copyright 1 D.C. Harrods
Picture Reference Wim_​17_​1-28
Original Format Photo
Notes / History There was the annual meeting of the NRA to which riflemen from around the world would attend and enter competitions. The first meeting was opened by Queen Victoria and she took the first shot of the meeting, with the help of a silken cord attached to the trigger of a rifle set on a mechanical rest. She hit the bull’s-eye of the target which was 400 yards away.

Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gave money for prizes at the meeting. The first meeting was hampered by the weather and the Guards and sailors from Woolwich Dockyard were sent to help with the preparations. Because of the rain extra roads had to be built and planks laid to form temporary walkways.

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