Cricket Green, Mitcham

Cricket Green, Mitcham

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1868
Copyright 1 Thomas Francis
Picture Reference Mit_​Sport_​6-38
Original Format Photo
Notes / History This is the view from the White Hart, (now more familiar as the Hooden on the Green). This photograph shows a cricket team from the 1860s, when cricket whites had yet to become the stock uniform of English cricket.

Pictured far right, with the churchwarden’s pipe, is John Bowyer, who claimed to have met Nelson on more than one occasion. He served as Mitcham umpire for over thirty years. (His home ‘Chestnut Cottage,' is shown obscured by trees just right of centre.)
Also pictured amongst this group is James Southerton, a former Surrey county player and landlord of the Cricketers Inn. He can be seen to the right of the bearded man in the top hat.

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