National Rifle Association Showground: Wimbledon Common

National Rifle Association Showground: Wimbledon Common

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1870
Area Wimbledon Village
Copyright 1 J S & Co
Picture Reference Wim_​Sport_​3-15
Original Format Sketch
Notes / History In 1859, when England feared invasion from France, a volunteer rifle corps was formed. This later became the National Rifle Association, founded to encourage skill in rifle shooting.

The first meeting of the NRA took place on 2nd July 1860 and lasted six days. This line of national flags shows the number of countries and regiments participating in the annual championship.

As the event became increasingly fashionable, the range of attractions also became more diverse. By the 1880s, the Camp could boast refreshment tents, exhibition booths, musical entertainment and a thriving party scene, in addition to the traditional rifle ranges.

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