Sutton Road: View of old mill and Wandle bridge

Sutton Road: View of old mill and Wandle bridge

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Area Mitcham
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Notes / History Sutton Road, Mitcham - now Bishopsford Road, today sometimes referred to as Bishopsford Road Bridge, Watermeads Bridge, Wandle or Mitcham Bridge crossing the River Wandle and the old Mill is on the right.

Mitcham Bridge was built probably around 1759 and looked after by local parishes of that time. By 1789 the bridge was certainly made out of bricks, recorded by Edwards, the topographer. There is a metal Parish Boundary Marker in the Western parapet bearing the date 1882.
The Sutton road and the bridge had various repairs and road widening but during the anti-invasion preparation of 1940 the road was impossible to drive on as road grinders driven to the riverbed created so called ‘tank trap’, which were removed by 1945.

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