Wesleyan Methodist Church, Mitcham

Wesleyan Methodist Church, Mitcham

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Partial / Incomplete Date September 1940
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​War_​2-1
Original Format Photo
Notes / History On the night of the 18th/19th of September 1940 a land mine fell on and destroyed the church. The photo shows the Rev. Blamey sitting in the front of the ruins.

E.N. Montague, author of 'The Upper Green, or Fair Green, Mitcham' describes the incident in 'Mitcham Histories 7' published by Merton Historical Society:

'In the very early hours of Thursday September 19th, a land mine floated from the skies and descended upon the church, and in less time than it takes to read these words, the church and the school were wiped out. Walls that had echoed to the prayers of humble people; walls that had resounded to the laughter of innocent children; walls that had sheltered the weary and depressed; these walls, built at so much cost and so much pride, lay forever shattered and ruined.'

Shortly after the church's destruction the congregation joined that of the Cricket Green Church and in 1941 the two churches officially amalgamated. The site of the destroyed church is now occupied by Mitcham Post Office

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