War memorial at Lower Green, Mitcham

War memorial at Lower Green, Mitcham
Carved in Stone

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Area Mitcham
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Notes / History Mitcham War Memorial on Lower Green West was erected in memory of the Mitcham combatants who had lost their lives in the First World War. Originally the memorial was just for the men of Mitcham who fell during the First World War but after much debate a second planel was attached to the steps to remember the men, women and children who died in World War II.

According to Historic England, which declared it a Grade ll listed building in 1917, this panel was added when the memorial was restored in 1962. The panel is inscribed in raised lettering with the following dedication:

AND/ TO THE MEMORY/ OF THE MEN, WOMEN/ AND CHILDREN OF MITCHAM/ WHO LOST THEIR LIVES/ IN THE SECOND WORLD WAR/ 1939 – 1945. Directly below, on the uppermost step of the base, is a further panel (added later) with a final dedication: AND THOSE KILLED/ IN OTHER CONFLICTS.

When Neomore Stone Cleaning restored the memorial in 1962 it charged £118 plus 1s 2d per letter for each of the 587 names that needed recutting.

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