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V E Day party in Meadow Road, Merton, May 1945

V E Day party in Meadow Road, Merton, May 1945

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Date Photo Taken 8th May 1945
Area Merton
Copyright 1 Alan Searle
Original Format Digital scan of original photo
Photographer / Origin of Photo Alan Searle - photo owner
Notes / History This photo captures the joyous spirit amongst the residents of Meadow Road, Merton on 8 May 1945.

Family, friends and neighbours came out to share in the celebration of V E Day. As in other parts of the UK, they decorated their street with flags and bunting. Tables and chairs were set out in the centre of the road for an impromptu street party and people pooled their rations to make a range of treats for young and old.

This wonderful image was kindly supplied by Alan Searle ( now 80 ) who appears in the photograph aged four, together with his family and friends.

The lady seated in the centre foreground is Alan's mother, Ivy ( nee Rokins ). Alan is the little dark haired boy, shown to the left of her shoulder. The small blonde haired boy, sporting a paper hat and seated on the knee of an older girl ( front right of the picture ) is Alan's brother, Leonard, born in 1943.

The lady standing, fourth from the right of the photo ( holding a baby ) was Alan's neighbour, May Allen. She lived at 4 Meadow Road, together with her husband Alf and their children, John and Dorothy.

The older lady, shown far left of the picture ( holding a baby ) was Mrs. Jelly. Standing to the right ( also holding a baby,) are two of her neighbours. Next ( standing in a line ) are Alan's maternal grandmother, Fanny Bubb and Alice Hemmings ( who lived at 5 Meadow Road, with her husband and son, both named John. ) Just visible, to the right of Alice, was Alan's older sister, Dorothy.

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