Ravensbury Mill

Ravensbury Mill

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1983
Area Morden
Picture Reference Mit_​17_​3-18
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Rent rolls from the 1680s refer to a ‘newly constructed mill’ run by Mr Westbrook. By the 18th century it was grinding tobacco into snuff, using a two-wheel arrangement.

The current mill dates from c.1804 and was properly constructed by
Martin Peakes & Co, tobacconists of London. By 1805 it had passed into the hands of John Rutter, an established tobacco and snuff manufactory. During the Victorian era, the declining popularity of snuff led Rutter & Co to focus on the processing of pipe and cigarette tobacco. Their bestselling variety was ‘Mitcham Shag’ and production continued here until 1925.

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