Merton High Street: River Wandle Morris Works

Merton High Street: River Wandle Morris Works

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1913
Area Colliers Wood
Copyright 1 Copy by W A Cook
Picture Reference MerMor_​Streets_​MER_​MER_​31-8
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Merton High Street with Morris & Co. just visible in the background.

The Wandle was crucial to the success of the Morris enterprise at Merton Abbey. It provided power to the factory by means of a waterwheel; it was used to mix printing dyes and was also important for the washing and bleaching of cloth.

In addition the Wandle contributed to the picturesque surroundings where Morris enjoyed his most creative period. The River even became a direct source of inspiration for fabric designed such as Wandle Chintz, produced in 1884.

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