Upper Green East, Mitcham: F.Woods Confectioners

Upper Green East, Mitcham: F.Woods Confectioners

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1910
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Work_​Industry_​61-2
Original Format Photo
Notes / History
The confectionery shop is shown here with the name F.Woods. However it is known to have been ran by George Bennett who was known to his friends as 'Activity Bennett' because of his involvement in a number of different things from photography to bike repairs. Albert or Alf Ruff, who had a shoe and boot repair shop next door, owned this shop and it is possible that F.Woods was the name of his in-laws.
Like many of the local stores, this operated from a older, possibly 17th century building. It had a small-paned bow window, in which to display goods ranging from Peppermints and Aniseed Balls, to Burnt Almonds, Carraway Comforts and Coltsfoot Rock. Quantities of sweets were measured out from giant glass jars and wrapped in a paper twist.

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