Lavender Fields, Carshalton

Lavender Fields, Carshalton

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1908
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 Marcus
Picture Reference Mit_​Work_​Industry_​22-2
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Notes / History This is a group of lavender cutters. The rich dark soil of Mitcham was ideally suited to horticulture and from the Medieval period onwards, the area was famous for its physic garden and herbal production.

During the 18th and 19th century, Mitcham was particularly renowned for the quality of its lavender and vast beds of the purple flower were grown in the northern part of the district.
In 1749, Ephraim Potter and
William Moore established a successful lavender oil distillery near Figges Marsh. The company was to develop and international reputation for its perfumed oils and essences.

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