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Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year from everyone at Merton Heritage Service.

We hope that 2021 brings health and happiness for all. If you are looking to find new ways to keep occupied during the current lockdown, remember that you can find a wide range of online displays, films, poetry, music, quizzes, heritage trails and children's activities on the Merton Memories website.

To view this material click the "History Pages & Activities" tab on the homepage or visit:

We are now starting to plan resources for 2021 - if you have suggestions for particular topics, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to add these to our work list. Email:

Although Merton Heritage Centre is currently closed to the public, you can still contact us with email enquiries. We will also be bringing you more online events, displays and activities in the coming months.

New Year's Dance, Merton Public Hall 1953

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