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Holocaust Memorial Day

The latest set of resources compiled by Merton Heritage Service is designed to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27 January.

This annual nationwide commemoration honours those killed and persecuted during the Nazi led Holocaust of World War II and later genocides in Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur.

The Holocaust remains a stain on human history - the government of Nazi Germany orchestrated the persecution and mass murder of 17 million people. Victims were targeted due to their ethnicity, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation and disability.

The first Holocaust Memorial Day was held in 2001. The event not only commemorates the victims of Holocaust and genocide worldwide - it also stresses the need to learn from the past, challenging prejudice and hatred to create a safer future based on empathy and respect for all.

We hope that our latest history page will help to raise awareness of this important subject and show how you can help to mark Holocaust Memorial Day.

To view our resources visit:  or click on the History Pages tab on the Merton Memories homepage.


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