Chinese New Year.

In February millions of people around the world will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Also known as the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, this colourful event marks the beginning of the new year according to the traditional Chinese lunar calendar.

The festival usually lasts 15 days and is celebrated with music, storytelling, elaborate decorations, special food and the exchanging of gifts. Fan dancing and striking performances by dragon or lion dancers also feature heavily in festivities across the world.

Each new year is represented by an animal from the Chinese zodiac - 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Anyone born this year, or during any of the previous years represented by the tiger is said to be: "ambitious, daring, courageous, enthusiastic and generous, with a sense of justice and a commitment to help others for the greater good."

Merton has a growing Chinese community and to join them in celebrating Chinese New Year, we have compiled a set of resources including online displays, music, poetry, film, recipes, puzzles and craft activities. We hope you enjoy them.

xīn nián kuài lè !    Happy new year!


Online Displays:

Click on the links below to access a range of online museum displays about China and Chinese New Year.

Museum of Docklands event


Lion dancers, London


Ashmoleon display



Chinese New Year (Museum of Docklands)

Lunar New Year (Virtual Festival)


CNY London Over the Years

(Evening Standard article)

Click on the images for an enlarged view.


Lunar New Year (Google Arts)

China (Ashmoleon Museum)



Words and Pictures:

To access films, poems and music about Chinese New Year, click on the links below:


Family celebrating Chinese New Year



Chinatown, London

Happy Chinese New Year


What is Chinese New Year, 2022?

Chinese New Year (BBC Teach)

Lunar New Year (for Children)

How is the New Year Celebrated?

Celebrations Around the World

What You Need to Know (CBBC)

How to say Happy New Year


New Year, Chinatown (1970s)

Chinese New Year, London 2018

London celebrates, 2019

Chinese New Year, London 2020

Chinatown, London

Lion Dancers, Merton 2018

CNY Qigong, Wimbledon Library

Happy Chinese New Year 2022

New Year Song for Kids (2022)

New Year Zodiac Story (CBeebies)

New Year Poems (Chinese/English)

Chinese New Year Song

Chinese New Year (Music)

Ribbon & Fan Dance (Woking)


Useful Websites and Resources:

Click on the links below to access a range of information on the history and traditions of Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year history


London's Chinese community


Chinese Zodiac


Chinese New Year: Origins & History

How do people celebrate?

Traditions and Customs

Best UK Sites: Chinese collections




Chinese Community in London

Chinese London

Chinatown London: A Potted History

Chinese Art in London




Chinese New Year 2022

Chinese Zodiac Poster

The Chinese Calendar






Local Organisations:

For information about organisations celebrating and raising awareness if Chinese culture, follow the links below:


London SW Community Association

Chinese Cultural Group, Merton




Fan dancers, London Chinese Community Association


Kingston Chinese Association

London Chinese Community Centre




Test Your Knowledge: 

How much do you know about Chinese New Year? Try our puzzles to learn more.


Chinese New Year banners


Chinese dragon dancers, London Chinese girl at New Year


Chinese New Year Word Search

Word Search Answers



Chinese New Year Quiz CBBC

Factmaster: New Year Quiz


Interactive quiz for Kids

Friends International Quiz



To make your own delicious snacks and meals for Chinese New Year, click on the recipe links below.


Mrs Lin


Chinese almond cookies Golden bags


Yee Sang Prosperity Salad

Mrs Lin's Kitchen (Recipes)

New Year Recipes (BBC Good Food)

New Year Feast (Guardian)



The Wok of Life Recipes

Chinese New Year recipes

Chinese New Year Snacks

Chinese Almond Cookies



Golden Bags for Prosperity

Chinese New Year Snacks

Chinese Almond Cookies

Home Made Fortune Cookies





Craft Activities:


Year of the Tiger colouring


Egg box dragon Tiger hand puppets


Printable colouring sheets

Happy New Year (Colouring)

Year of the Tiger (Colouring)

Family Celebration (Colouring)



Easy Chinese Drum Craft 

Make an Egg Box Dragon

Chinese New Year Red Envelopes

Tiger Hand Puppets


Make a Dancing Tiger

Decorations for Chinese New Year

Easy Red Packet Crafts

Chinese New Year Lantern



For more heritage resources, visit our History Pages & Activities section.