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The areas shown on the map include the following:

Colliers Wood: This covers the area bordered by Boundary Road in the north; Wandle Road
and part of Merantun Way to the west; extending down to Liberty Avenue in the south and
Courtney Road / Devonshire Road in the east. It includes sites such as Merton Abbey Mills, Sainsbury's Savacentre and High Street, Colliers Wood.

Lower Morden: This runs from Cannon Hill Lane in the north, out to the area just west of
Green Lane, extending down to Garth Road in the south and bordered by Stonecot Hill to the east.
It includes Lower Morden Lane, King George's Playing Fields and Tudor Drive.

Merton: This area extends from the south side of Kingston Road and Merton High Street in the north, westwards to Dorset Road; south as far as Deer Park Road  and eastwards to the end of Windsor Avenue. It includes the High Path estate, the Lombard Road industrial estate,
South Wimbledon Underground Station, parts of Merantun Way, Nelson Gardens and
St.John's Church.

Merton Park: From the rail line above Dundonald Road in the north; following the branch line
down to Wimbledon Chase station and the area just below Aylward Road in the east, down as far as Crown Lane in the south and Dorset Road in the east. It includes the John Innes Conservation area, Merton Park station, Nelson Hospital, Merton Parish Church and part of Kingston Road.

Mitcham: This extends from Seely Road in the north, along Liberty Avenue and through
Phipps Bridge in the west; down as far as Wandle Road in the south and out to Carshalton Road, Grove Road and Edgehill Road in the east. It includes the Phipps Bridge estate, Cricket Green,
Fair Green and the Figges Marsh / Gorringe Park area.

Morden: This runs from Deer Park Road in the north, westwards as far as Cannon Hill Lane;
down to Morden Lane and Epsom Road in the south and eastwards as far as Bishopsford Road.
This area includes Central Road, London Road, the St.Helier estate, Morden Park and Morden town centre.

Pollards Hill: Runs from the borough boundary and Hassocks Road in the north, out as far as Grove Road in the east, down to the borough boundary and Goat Road in the south; then eastwards as far as Galpins Road. This area includes Mitcham Common, Three King's Piece, Manor Road, Longthornton and the Pollards Hill estate.

Raynes Park: This extends from Leopold Road and Dunstall Road in the north, westwards to Beverley Way; south as far as Parkway and Cannon Hill Lane, then eastwards to the Downs and Toynbee Road. It includes Cottenham Park, Coombe Lane, the Apostles. plus parts of
Kingston Road and Worple Road.

Wimbledon: Extends from Gap Road in the north, eastwards as far as Edge Hill; down to the north side of Kingston Road and Merton High Street and eastwards as far as Wandle Bank. It includes Wimbledon town centre, Wimbledon Station, the Broadway, Queens Road, South Park Road and Haydons Road.

Wimbledon Park: Runs from the borough boundary and Revelstoke Road in the north, westwards to Home Park Road; southwards as far as Gap Road and eastwards to Plough Lane. It includes Wimbledon Park, the All England Lawn Tennis Club, Wimbledon Park Station, Arthur Road, Durnsford Road and Wimbledon Stadium.

Wimbledon Village: This runs from the borough boundary and Queensmere Road in the north, westwards to Robin Hood Road, south as far as the Ridgway and eastwards to Church Road.
It includes Wimbledon Common, Parkside, Southside, Cannizaro Park, the High Street,
St.Mary's Church and the Bhuddapadipa temple.

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