Diwali - The Festival of Lights.

4 November 2021 marks the celebration of Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights celebrated by millions of people around the world.

Diwali is described as a festival of new beginnings, celebrating the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Prior to the five day celebration, Hindus spend time cleaning, renovating and decorating their homes and workplaces with diyas (oil lamps) and rangolis, artwork in the form of colourful circular patterns.

During the festival families dress in their finest clothes, illuminate the interior and exterior of their homes, worship Lakshmi - goddess of prosperity, light fireworks and share feasts, often featuring traditional sweet snacks or Mithai.

There are many activities associated with Diwali, including dancing, playing traditional music and telling stories about the trials and triumphs of Hindu gods such as Rama, Sita, Vishnu and Krishna.

You can learn more about Diwali from this collection of resources compiled by Merton Heritage Service - these include information sites, film, music, recipes, puzzles and craft ideas. We hope you enjoy them and we wish everyone a very happy Diwali 2021.


The Story of Diwali:

Click on the links below to learn more about the story of Diwali and traditions associated with the festival.

Diwali diyas

Lighting Diwali diyas

Rama and Sita

What is Diwali?

Divali (BBC Bitesize)

Diwali (BBC Religious Studies)

Divali, Diwali, Deepavali

The Ancient Origins of Diwali


The Story of Diwali

Diwali: Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights Explained

Celebrating Diwali in Lockdown (2020)


Dipal's Diwali (Story for children)

What is Diwali (CBeebies)

Diwali Mythological Stories (Kids)

Ramayana (for children)

Diwali Traditions (Kidsgen.com)



Diwali Food:

You can discover the taste of Diwali - click on the links below to find a range of popular recipes.


Diwali snacks

Chocolate diyas


Diwali Recipes (BBC Good Food)

Diwali Mithai


Diwali Snacks (Swasthi's Recipes)

Easy Diwali Recipes

Diwali Sweets (Hebbar's Kitchen)

Diya Chocolate Tart


Diwali Music & Dance:

Follow the links below to view films featuring traditional Diwali music and celebratory dance.

Diwali dance

Shree Ganapathy Temple at Deepavali

Diwali Trafalgar Square

Happy Diwali Message

Happy Diwali Song Dance

 Happy Diwali Dance for Kids

Diwali Special Songs


Shree Ganapathy Temple, Wimbledon:

Deepavali Celebration Pt 1

Deepavali Celebration Pt 2

Deepavali Celebration Pt 3

Deepavali Cekebration Pt 4

Deepavali Celebration Pt 5

Deepavali Celebration Pt 6

Happy Diwali (Attic Theatre & Merton Dementia Hub)

Diwali Celebration, London 2021

Diwali Poem (English)

Poem on Diwali (English)



Diwali Puzzles:

Click on the links below to access word searches and quizzes on the theme of Diwali.

Diwali dress

Diwali Quiz

Diwali card


Diwali Word Search

Diwali Word Search Answers

Large Diwali Word Search 

Large Diwali Word Search (Answers)



How Much Do You Know About Diwali? (CBeebies)

All About Diwali Quiz

The Ultimate Diwali Quiz




Printable colouring cards



Diwali Crafts:

Follow the links below to find a range of easy Diwali-themed activities to enjoy with family and friends.

Paper diyas

Diwali decoration

Rangoli design


Easy Diwali Decorations

Top 10 Diwali Crafts

Diya Making With Paper

Diwali Craft Ideas for Kids


Easy Diwali Craft

5 Unique & Easy Crafts for Kids

Diwali Decorations


Easy Diya Decoration

Making Rangoli Colours at Home

Very Easy Rangoli

Easy Rangoli Design



Share your stories:

We are always keen to add material to the Merton heritage collection. If you have Diwali stories, reminiscences or photos of Merton Diwali celebrations that you would like to share, please contact us via email at: local.studies@merton.gov.uk

You can also write to: Merton Heritage Centre, Merton Civic Centre, London Rd. Morden. SM4 5DX


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