Windrush Day.

2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the arrival of the Empire Windrush at Tilbury Docks, carrying the first major group of Caribbean migrants to the UK.

Windrush Day ( 22 June ) is a nationwide event to celebrate and commemorate nearly half a million people who moved from the Caribbean to Britain between 1948 and 1970. They and their descendants have made a major contribution to the social, economic, political and cultural heritage of this country - over the past two years many have been at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, helping to save lives and keep vital services going.

Merton Heritage Service has compiled these online resources, to help you to learn more about the Windrush Generation and to celebrate the important part played by the Caribbean community in shaping our borough.


A Message from the Mayor of Merton.


 Mayor of Merton 2023




I am honoured and delighted as the First Citizen of Merton to have the opportunity to share a message for Windrush 2023. As this year's programme marks the 75th anniversary of Empire Windrush docking in the UK, the celebrations are particularly important.

The Windrush Generation were pioneers. We must never forget how they left their country and families to journey to a new life -far away from all that was familiar, full of anticipation for the future, and I am sure some trepidation.

The memories will be particularly poignant for many families, but I hope the legacy of those that came here first will never be forgotten by any of us. The contribution of the Windrush Generation is invaluable to the economic and social fibre of Britain.

I, therefore, place on record my heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all citizens of the Borough of Merton, for all the wonderful things we have been blessed with as a result of the Windrush Generation taking that chance, and truly celebrate the 75th Anniversary.

With very best wishes

Councillor Gill Manly, Mayor of Merton




Windrush Displays.

Wartime Courage.

From the Caribbean to the UK.

Empire Windrush.

Windrush: The Arrival.

The NHS (1 )

The NHS (2 )

Windrush display

Click the links to view this Merton heritage display.



London Transport.

London Transport Recruitment posters.

Mitcham Cricket.

Local Politics.

West Indian Friends & Families Association

Britain Called, We Answered

Britain Called... Continued


Windrush arrivals

Remembering the Windrush arrivals.

Panash Steel Band, Windrush Day 2019

Windrush Day 2019: A Retrospective


Kite Day in the Caribbean

Decorate a kite for Windrush Day.


Reminiscence Materials.

We have put together a range of themed material to trigger discussion of Caribbean heritage and life in the UK since 1948. This is designed to help you to share your memories with friends, family or carers. Click on the links below to access the different topics.


Windrush films

The Windrush Experience Explained ( film )

Windrush: Narrated by Lenny Henry




West Indian family, 1950s

Housing Reminiscence

Work Reminiscence

Leisure Reminiscence

Music Reminiscence

Fashion Reminiscence

Passengers on the Empire Windrush, 1948

Click on the link below to read the personal accounts of Windrush passengers


Windrush Puzzles.

Caribbean nurse 1950s

Windrush Word Search

Word search answers

Caribbean islands

Caribbean Island Quiz

Caribbean Islands Quiz Answers

Empire Windrush, 1948

Windrush Quiz

Windrush Quiz Answers


Windrush Words & Music.

Lord Kitchener, Calypso singer

London is the Place for Me ( lyrics )

1948 arrivals (newsreel )

Lord Kitchener performance

Windrush Day 2021

Merton Music Foundation: Windrush

MMF Windrush Day Songs

Poet, John Agard

John Agard, poet

"Windrush Child" by John Agard


Useful Websites:

Click on the links below to access a range of websites about the Windrush Generation, the Caribbean community in the Uk and UK events to mark Windrush Day.

London Transport Workers


Notting Hill Carnival 1970s


Windrush Generation arrivals


Officlal Windrush Day website

Black History 2021: Windrush

Celebrate Windrush Day in London

National Caribbean Heritage Museum

Windrush (Black Cultural Archives)

A Landmark in British History

Across the Seas 

West Indians in the UK

Bound for Britain (National Archives)

Story of Windrush (Historic England)

Windrush Stories (British Library)

Windrush (Museum of London)

The Place for Me (L T Museum)

London Transport Staff Reflections

London On the Move

Windrush and the NHS

Peoples History NHS

You Called and We Came (NHS)

 Windrush Changed British Music

Notting Hill Carnival (Find My Past)

History of Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill History Walk



Windrush Learning Resource (Brent)

Windrush Scandal (BBC)

Windrush Scandal Explained (JCWI)





A Taste of the Caribbean.

We have gathered a collection of recipes to help you to share some Caribbean flavours with your family and friends.

Click on the links to view the recipes.

Jamaican Goat Curry

Savoury dishes:

Rice and Peas

Brown Stew Chicken

Saltfish Patties

Jamaican Lamb or Goat Curry

Black Cake

Sweet dishes:

Black Cake

Pineapple Cake



Sorrel punch


Sorrel Punch

Windrush Cocktail


Share your photos for posterity.

We are keen to add more photos of Merton's Caribbean community to the Merton Heritage Centre archives.

If you have images that you are happy to share with us, please email them to:    or post them to Merton Heritage Centre.

We are happy to scan and return original images where required.


For more heritage resources, visit our History Pages & Activities section.