High Path: The Trafalgar, View looking west, Merton

High Path: The Trafalgar, View looking west, Merton

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1953
Area Merton
Copyright 1 London Borough of Merton
Picture Reference MerMor_​Streets_​H_​24-5
Original Format Photo
Photographer / Origin of Photo W.A. Cook
Notes / History The smallest pub in Merton, the Trafalgar is situated at the junction between High Path and Pincott Road. The earliest reference to the pub dates from 1868, when this area was known as “the Rockery” due to its poor, cramped and damp housing. By 1890, the building was privately owned by Thomas Percival of Norman Road and licensed to sell only beer and cider.
During the early 20th century, the Trafalgar had a reputation for its “rough” clientele. It was also known as the “Threepenny Hop” because men leaving the nearby Merton Abbey Station would hop over the fence for a pint. A single storey extension was added in 1906, doubling the size of the tiny pub with external toilets which were removed in 1930s in favour of internal facilities.

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