Morden Lodge: Home of Abraham Goldsmid

Morden Lodge: Home of Abraham Goldsmid

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1806
Area Morden
Picture Reference MerMor_​Houses_​Buildings_​Morden_​Lodge_​20-1a
Original Format Engraving - colour version
Photographer / Origin of Photo Gifford
Notes / History Built c.1806, this grand house was the home of a Dutch Jewishfinancier Abraham Goldsmid.

Having secured responsibility for securing Government loans, he amassed a vast personal fortune. His fine Morden home was decorated Crace & Sons, who also worked on theBrighton Pavilion.

Abraham had many powerful friends and the opening of Morden Lodge was attended by the Prince Regent,
two dukes, the playwright Sheridan and over 300 guests.

In 1810 the sudden death of Goldmid's business partner, Francis Baring prompted a stock market panic. Fearing ruin Abraham committed suicide. Tarnished by the scandal, Morden Lodge was demolished.

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