Rowland Wilson Almshouses; Inscription

Rowland Wilson Almshouses; Inscription

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Area Merton Park
Picture Reference MerMor_​7_​11-25
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Notes / History Inscription reads: Worke while it is day, when the night cometh no man can worke - 9 John 4
Rowland Wilson Esq 16th July 56, Rowland Wilson Almshouses Inscription, Kingston Road.

This inscription was located on the centre gable of one of the tiny set of almshouses which stood at 70 Kingston Road. They were built in 1656, using money bequeathed by Rowland Wilson, a successful merchant and vintner. They were designed to accommodate six "needy" women, each of whom was awarded a pension of £4 per year, (no mean sum by the standards of the day), together with provision for "a chaldron of coals".

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