Rowland Wilson Almshouses, Kingston Road, Merton

Rowland Wilson Almshouses, Kingston Road, Merton

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Partial / Incomplete Date March 1952
Area Merton
Copyright 1 W. A. Garrett
Picture Reference MerMor_​Almshouses_​2-4
Original Format Photo
Notes / History This set of tiny almshouses which stood at 70 Kingston Road, were built in 1656, using money bequeathed by Rowland Wilson, a successful merchant and vintner. They were designed to accommodate six "needy" women, each of whom was awarded a pension of £4 per year, (no mean sum by the standards of the day), together with provision for "a chaldron of coals".

Sadly, the almshouses were amongst a number of historic buildings demolished during the 1960's.

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