Mitcham Mint, Greyhound Terrace

Mitcham Mint, Greyhound Terrace

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Area Mitcham
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Notes / History The origin of the pub name lies in Mitcham’s horticultural heritage. For centuries, Mitcham was associated with the herbal industry and amongst the local crops were lavender, watercress and peppermint, (also known as Mitcham Mint)
Compared with many of the other local pubs, the Mitcham Mint has a relatively short history. During the 1960s, the building was used as an off-licence and general store. In 1969, it was converted into a small pub, developing a reputation for friendliness and no-nonsense service. During the 1970s, the Mint also had a novel claim to fame- in order to tackle the growing problem of graffiti in the gents toilets, blackboards. These literary efforts took the form of dodgy poems and daily racing tips!

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