Locomotors Site, Mitcham: Scale Model

Locomotors Site, Mitcham: Scale Model

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1974
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Buildings_​54-3
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Shown is a scale model of the Locomotors Estate, now better known as the Watermeads Estate, built in the mid 1970's. During the early 20th century part of the site was occupied by the Crick and Sharp film company; described by some film historians as the MGM of their day. During the Great War the film studios were acquired by Hovis & Co and then by Locomotors, a firm specialising in the manufacture of motor vehicles. In 1973 the firm relocated to Andover and Merton Council purchased the vast industrial site with a view to creating municipal housing. During the next two years developers set about constructing low rise housing at a cost of £18,881 per section. However, the area the estate was to be built on was prone to flooding due to the number of watercourses crossing the land. Four acres needed to be reserved to capture the water if high rainfall occurred with the result that not as many dwellings could be built as had originally been planned.

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