The Elms, London Road, Mitcham: Burnt down 1891

The Elms, London Road, Mitcham:  Burnt down 1891

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1891
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Buildings_​13-2
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Thought to date from c. 1780, the house was the home of Peter Waldo, descendant of a French merchant family and a celebrated botanist. Peter and his son took an active part in village affairs. The family owned the old workhouse, which stood on the London Road. On Peter Junior's death the estate passed to his relatives, the Waldo- Sibthorpes.

Leased to a series of tenants, the house became "the Elms Boarding School for Young Gentlemen" in 1826. In the Victorian period, it provided education and accommodation for the 'Infant Poor'. Damaged by fire in 1891, the house was demolished 3 years later.

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