Phipps Bridge Road, Mitcham: Everett's Folly

Phipps Bridge Road, Mitcham: Everett's Folly

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Partial / Incomplete Date 1963
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 Presented by F Passmore Olney
Picture Reference Mit_​Streets_​P_​Wil_​54-65
Original Format Photo
Notes / History The Flint Tower or Folly located at the end of five terraced cottages, known as Everett’s Place, built about 12 years after the addition of fifth cottage, where originally four cottages were built by Mr Hatfeild in 1824. The fifth cottage outside wall becomes unstable and to stabilize the house and whole Everett’s terraced cottages, the flint/folly tower was build. It has been said that the tower Limestone/flint stone came from the London Bridge, which was pulled down in 1831 and the stone delivered to Mr. Hatfeilds factories in the Minories on the tobacco wagons through Morden Mills. In the Flint Tower a one bedroom living accommodation was created and by 1870’s a complete spiral steps to the tower was added and garden walls in front of the cottages from some left over stone. Records show that the folly has been lived in and it was subsequently included with in the Wandle properties, managed by the National Trust.

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