Southlands College, Parkside

Southlands College, Parkside

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Notes / History Southlands College had a home in Wimbledon for 67 years of the school's almost 150 year history. The school was founded in Battersea in 1872 as a training college for women teachers. As the college expanded and required more room for recreation, it bought the Belmont Estate, former home of a member of the French Royal Family, in Wimbledon in 1927, and officially moved in 1930. It remained there until 1997, save for a time during the War when the school evacuated to Weston-Super-Mare. Although the school had expanded further over the years on the Wimbledon site, in 1997 the decision was made to move Southlands College near the other colleges on the Roehampton Lane campus, and the Wimbledon buildings were subsequently turned into flats.

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