Caesar's Well, Wimbledon Common

Caesar's Well, Wimbledon Common

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1872
Area Wimbledon Village
Copyright 1 J.S.& Co.
Picture Reference Wim_​19_​1-45
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Notes / History This natural spring, to the west of the Common, has supplied local residents with water for centuries.
The water rises from a depth of around 18 feet (roughly 5 metres) and has never been known to dry out, even during periods of drought.

During the Victorian period, horse-drawn wagons (such as that shown picture centre) carried barrels of water from the spring to houses in the neighbouring village.

The picture shows workmen enclosing the well in a circle of granite, on the instructions of local MP, Sir Henry Peek, owner of Wimbledon House, Parkside.

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