Suffragettes resting in the garden of Dorset Hall, Merton Park

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1912
Area Merton Park
Picture Reference MerMor_​25_​3-1
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Imprisoned for smashing windows during a London demonstration both Mrs Edith Marian Begbie (on left) and Mrs Gertrude Wilkinson (centre) opted to hunger strike. By the time they were released they were both very frail.

Seated far right is Florence Mcfarlane, Mrs Begbie’s sister, also known as “Dundee’s hungerstriker”. The child kneeling in front of the hammock is three year old Paul Lamartine Yates, son of Rose Lamartine Yates. She was the Organising Secretary and Treasurer of the Wimbledon WSPU.

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