Lady Raleigh (Bess Throckmorton) (1552 - c.1647)

Lady Raleigh (Bess Throckmorton)  (1552 - c.1647)

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Area Mitcham
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Original Format Portrait
Notes / History Elizabeth or “Bess” was Maid of Honour to Elizabeth I. She provoked the Queen’s anger by forming an illicit relationship with Sir Walter Raleigh (a Royal favourite). Raleigh was imprisoned in the Tower as a result but was eventually forgiven and the couple married.

Bess was an only child and therefore inherited the Throgmorton fortune and estates, including various land in Mitcham.

Under James I, Walter was convicted of treason, condemned to death and eventually beheaded.

Bess outlived her husband by a further 29 years. While his body was buried in a traitor’s grave, she is said to have had his head embalmed and placed in a special leather bag so she could continue to gaze fondly at his face.

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