Watermeads, Wandle

Watermeads, Wandle

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1918
Area Mitcham
Copyright 1 F J Townend
Picture Reference Mit_​Rivers_​Waterways_​2-5
Original Format Photo
Notes / History This is one of a series of photos taken in 1918 of the Watermeads.

This stretch of land upstream of Mitcham Bridge was left to revert to its natural wetland state by the National Trust, which had purchased it 5 years before this picture was taken.

It was later planted as an osier bed (a fast-growing willow used for basket-weaving) and there were also two plantations of cricket bat willow established between the wars. Since World War 2, however, the Trust’s management have concentrated on developing it as a nature reserve and it has been closed to the public in order to protect its fragile eco-system.

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