Wandle at Mitcham

Wandle at Mitcham

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1905
Area Mitcham
Picture Reference Mit_​Rivers_​Waterways_​1-15
Original Format Postcard
Notes / History View looking upstream from Mitcham Bridge. On the right is Glover’s Snuff Mill, run by Richard Glover and his son from the late 1830s to the mid 1840s. The family went bankrupt after this and the mill fell into disrepair.

The cottage on the left, once called Wandle Cottage, was built in the mid 19th century. The cottages behind it were built a century earlier, in about 1755. Until the close of the 19th century all three cottages were occupied by mill owners, managers or workers from the nearby flour mills.

Wandle Cottage was renamed Fisheries Cottage by a local estate agent in the 1990s.

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