Graham Road, Wimbledon

Graham Road, Wimbledon

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1910
Area Wimbledon
Copyright 1 Les Kirkin/MLS
Picture Reference Wim_​6_​2-1
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Before the existence of supermarkets, many people bought smaller quantities of shopping on a daily basis. The majority of foods and cleaning materials were carefully measured out and hand-packaged by local shopkeepers.

Many suppliers also delivered goods direct to the home using horse-drawn vehicles, bicycles or handcarts. For instance, this picture shows a milk cart during its delivery run (picture centre). Householders purchased half pints or pints which the milkman ladled into tin pails from a giant churn, supplied by the dairy.

Other doorstep deliveries included fish, bread and coal. Mobile knife grinders also visited the streets, sharpening household cutlery, tools and scissors on a hand powered grindstone.

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