Wimbledon Fire Station, Queens Road

Wimbledon Fire Station, Queens Road

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Partial / Incomplete Date 1904
Area Wimbledon
Picture Reference Wim_​11_​11-21
Original Format Photo
Notes / History "Across the road was the Fire Station with its bright red doors....which sometimes stood open revealing the Fire Engine. We always hoped to see it come out and go dashing off to a fire. It was to us a most impressive and thrilling sight, all scarlet paint and shining brass: its two galloping white horses; smoke pouring out of the boiler funnel; the firemen in their huge shining helmets clinging on, and the great brass bell clanging away! The two white horses... were sometimes used to pull a carriage for a wedding, and we used to wonder what would happen if there was a fire-call while they were on the way to or from the church." (Patrick Fawcett, Memories of a Wimbledon Childhood 1906-1918)

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