Merton High Street: Wimbledon Palais De Danse

Merton High Street: Wimbledon Palais De Danse

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Partial / Incomplete Date c.1928
Area Merton
Picture Reference MerMor_​10_​2-46
Original Format Photo
Notes / History Situated in Merton High Street,
this building opened in 1909
as a roller-skating rink. During the First World War, it was converted for use as a balloon and airship factory.

Wimbledon Palais Opened in 1922 with the largest sprung floor in Europe, hosting guest live music entertainers, tea-dances, and competitions. The post-war Jazz era led to a dance craze and people were eager to learn the steps to the Foxtrot, the Charleston and the Blackbottom.

By the 1960s, the Palais was also attracting rock and roll acts, including an early performances by the Beatles. In later years, it was a venue for wrestling contests and also served as a Furnitureland store – this finally close c.2000 and the property has since been demolished.

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